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What is Counselling?

Counselling is a talking therapy, where, during sessions, the counsellor's full attention is on you, the client.


It is a confidential and safe space in which you can explore whatever issues are bothering you, and work together with your counsellor to reach further understanding or to make decisions about your life.


Counselling offers you a neutral space - sometimes talking to friends and family doesn't feel quite right, or quite enough perhaps. Talking to a trained, impartial professional who is trained to listen empathetically and non-judgmentally can feel different and may offer you more freedom to really explore how you feel. 


Quite often you may find that some of the difficulties that you are facing in your life may arise in the counselling room with your therapist, and this can provide a useful opportunity to explore them further.


Counselling is not about giving advice or opinions, and you will find that your counsellor may not often share information about themselves. This is to keep the focus on you and your capacity to develop and change. 


Sessions last for a fixed amount of time and mostly take place at the same time each week on a weekly basis.

You can have a look at the next page to find out a bit more about the way that I work and more specific details about how sessions are set up. 


For more information about different kinds of therapy and approaches, you might find this a helpful webpage:


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